More Than A Thousand Words

Eunice Waheho, Head of Business Development, Jamii Bora :

“We recognise that businesspeople do not have time for long processes and complicated requirements, they just want cash or a guarantee so that they can focus on growing their business.”

Ukur Yatani, Treasury CS :

“We must have discipline; you will not have ulcers because you have not travelled. We will continue to pursue fiscal consolidation and will only give what we can afford.”

Cynthia Kantai, Regional Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications:

“The development and application of science, technology and innovation is crucial to national development policies and programmes such as Kenya Vision2030 and its successive medium term plans.”

Shiv Arora, Chief Operating Officer, Cytonn Investment Management :

“The Cytonn Affordable Housing Investment Plan (CAHIP) will provide individuals with saving towards home purchase with an attractive investment proposition compared to those currently available in the market, and thus enhance their ability to purchase or construct a residential house.”



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