More Than A Thousand Words



Prof.Francis Muregi, Director of Research, Grants and Endowments, MKU:

“Universities should not be citadels. On the contrary, they should be a source of knowledge through research which should be applied in making the society better.”

kenyi spenser

Mary Wamae, Equity Bank Group’s Director of Strategy:

“Banks have evolved overtime, from a place people go , to an activity they do. The migration from the old banking models to more liberal and inclusive models such as agency banking which makes the  banker a shopkeeper next door and  mobile banking which serves the needs of the young population, are changes that have empowered the people immensely.”


Charles Gakuu, Founder and Director, Air Travel and Related Studies Centre:  

“Institutions should be keen on imparting skills that make students practically competent in their choice careers. There should be a clear line between knowledge based careers and skill based ones.”


Dr Nancy Cheseto, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, MKU:

“If we were all engaged in community service, there would be less suffering in the world today.”



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