More Than A Thousand Words



Dr Mutakha Kangu, Governance and Constitutional Law expert:

“We always talk of Kenya’s large population as a problem, but it isn’t. On the contrary, it is an advantage to the economy if well leveraged. It is a large pool of human resource and market for the local products. Let us give the local producers the first place in our consumption, by so doing, we will be creating more jobs and developing our country.”


Dr. Ann Adkins Assistant Professor of Education, Clarke University, USA:

“A peaceful society begins with inculcating a culture of peace in young children. If accustomed to participate in peace building at a young age, children grow into peace loving adults, and therefore build a peaceful nation. The journey to a peaceful nation, starts early.”


Hon Joseph Nkaisery, CS, Internal Security and Coordination of National government:  

“The creation of social enterprises through innovation, creativity and mentorship opportunities particularly by institutions of higher learning will provide a barricade against conflict and violence especially among young people. Social enterprise is a vital driving force in the growth of any economy.


Prof. Patricia Mbote Professor of Law, University of Nairobi:

“There are provisions for various levels of intellectual property. Kenyans should be enlightened on how to protect their intellectual property however petty, so that innovators can enjoy ownership of the innovation, while their products benefit the other people and the economy at large.”



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