Men And Football


Men and football..Football and men.Some things just make perfect sense without any sort of explanation.Men and football just make sense…to men that is.Women do not necessary understand the bond that brings men together.Personally, am clueless.It is true that almost all men wish the women in their lives would understand why they take this game so seriously(starting with mine).Why a meaningless dropped pass on first down in the first half is so meaningful to men?Why those witless penalties drive men absolutely insane?The answer we do not know..they just know.

Men do not question why women have the need for a chocolate brownie topped with ice cream covered in chocolate sauce after dinner.And even though most women are full after dinner,the desert is an absolute must. Is it not?

Many women wonder why men become so emotional about something they believe is just a game.Just a game?To men it is so much more. Ladies have movies that they love and know the actors whereas the men also have intense knowledge on all players in the football teams.

I cannot explain why it is so amazing and enchanting for my brother to watch his team get a victory and  thereafter still turn on the  sports channel just to watch highlights of a game he just watched or listened to..It was last Saturday where there was  a  game. To satisfy my curiosity, I asked my elder brother what this fascination concerning  men and sports was about. “It’s an incredibly masculine sport-hard hits, powerful athletes, all playing at an incredibly high skill level and physically dominating their opponent makes it quite entertaining.

“If I meet a guy now and we hit it off in most areas but he doesn’t dig sports, he just loses a few credit points with me. And I’m a little disappointed. It also gives us one less thing to share and converse about.”



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