Dr. James Mwangi, Group CEO and MD, Equity Group:  “Entrepreneurs have a task of turning data into information and subsequently converting that into knowledge which they can use to make the right decisions. With experience, this knowledge turns into wisdom and this enables the entrepreneur to develop survival instincts and gut feelings.”

Mrs. Mary Munyiri, CEO, ECLOF- Kenya: “Currently, there is a good number of players purporting to be non-deposit taking microfinance institutions who are motivated by profit maximization as opposed to addressing and protecting the needs of consumers.  The genuine non-deposit taking microfinance institutions focus on breaking even and sustaining their businesses given their huge operational expenses, as opposed to raking in huge profits.”

Mr. Jadiah Mwarania, MD, Kenya Re: “Young and more discerning consumers are coming on board and their needs have to be addressed appropriately and promptly. These consumers are looking beyond our product offering and demanding a valuable proposition if they have to do business with us.”

Mrs. Joyce Ndegwa, CEO, Mentor Sacco:  “We take time to interact with our members so that we can understand their needs. By so doing, we are able to develop innovative and cost effective products and services that address their needs and aspirations. Most importantly, we have maintained high dividends payment rates over the years because we are owned by members and we therefore have an obligation of giving them a high share of the profits that we generate.”

Caroline Karanja, CEO, AMFI-K: “The uniqueness of the non-deposit taking microfinance business model is notable because they offer not only credit but also non-financial services such as client financial education and business management services to both   individuals and businesses with the aim of empowering their livelihoods.”

Dr.Gamaliel Hassan, CEO, Stima Sacco: “To date, we remain indebted to the five employees of the then East Africa Power and Lighting Company who started Stima Sacco in 1974 and we evaluate our performance based on whether we are still faithful to their dream.  That  is the umbilical cord that has continued to keep our goals and aspirations alive.”

Peter Ndegwa, CEO, Safaricom PLC: “For two decades, Safaricom PLC has combined the power of technology and our innovative spirit to solve customers and social challenges. Led by our purpose to transform lives, we have deepened digital and financial inclusion in Kenya by connecting people to people, people to opportunities and people to information.”

Mr. Raphael Lekolool, MD, Postbank:  “The onus is on Kenyans – and not just the financially literate – to save responsibly so that they can contribute towards their financial stability in an economy that is growing at an unprecedented rate.”

Rebecca Amukhoye, CEO, MESPT: “As enablers of development, we have identified four strategic areas that include agri-enterprise development, access to finance, agricultural production and food safety as well as green transformation as priority areas to inspire our work for the next five years.”



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