Debuting on the first-ever Fortune Future 50? Now that is priceless. Coming in at number fourteen, Mastercard is recognized as a leader on this new ranking that  surveys  the world’s forward-looking, innovative companies that are best set up for the future.
The Fortune Future 50 has cited Mastercard for its work with biometric technology;the enormous opportunity it sees in turning every device into a connected one  and gives a nod to Mastercard’s financial inclusion efforts. Mastercard prides itself on pushing boundaries and borders through innovative, digital-payment technologies. And the tech company’s passion for innovation and drive to make the world an easier, safer and more inclusive place is not contained in one mind, one hallway or even one department. It is everywhere and with everyone who comes to work at Mastercard. Some of the company’s latest efforts include the biometric card. It is building on its pioneering work to leverage biometric technology for online payments.  This year, the company  unveiled a next generation payment card in South Africa that uses one’s  thumb or fingerprint to authenticate purchases made  in  physical retail environments.  The company’s payment technology is embedded in among other things, fitness bands, gas pumps, vending machines, smart mirrors in dressing rooms, cars, shared workspaces and softbank robots.

A purpose-driven cashless society
The  company is   committed   to bringing  500 million new consumers into the financial mainstream by 2020 through advanced technology solutions, like 2Kuze, a digital platform that enables farmers in East Africa to buy, sell and receive payments for agricultural goods via a feature phone. Since its launch, the platform has also expanded to Tanzania under the name eKilimo in partnership with the National Microfinance Bank.



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