Mark Zuckerberg owned social networks control almost 7 billion users globally

Mark Zuckerberg. [PHOTO - COURTESY]

Data gathered recently by Buy Shares indicates that  social networking platforms owned by Mark Zuckerberg have access to about 6.98 billion users as of July 2020. The figure represents 47.8% of the active users among the top fifteen list of social networks or 7.68 billion users.

Facebook leads the way with 2.6 billion users, a staggering 34.66% of the global population. The Zuckerberg flagship social network also ranks top globally. WhatsApp with about two billion active users ranks second under Zuckerberg’s networks and third overall.

On the other hand, Facebook Messanger still under the Zuckerberg has 1.3 billion users ranking fourth overall. Photo sharing platform, Instagram controls about 1.08 billion active users globally to occupy the sixth spot overall.

The Buy Shares report acknowledges that Zuckerberg owned social networks continue to face stiff competition from emerging platforms like Tik Tok that have introduced new features. According to the report:”TikTok gained huge popularity in video making due to its powerful camera tools like Pride, Face Filters 3D Mask and AR.”  Notably, Facebook has a reputation for copying features from emerging competitors and incorporating them into its existing social networks.



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