M-Pesa brings on board more PSV Matatus

Benson Mwenda (left) National Chairman Matatu Vehicles Association, Boniface Mungania(centre) head of M-Pesa product management at Safaricom handover sanitizers, gloves and masks to James Mungai, head of Forward Travellers Sacco.

Safaricom has extended its partnership with public transport sector players to facilitate cashless payments through M-Pesa in the ongoing battle to combat the spread of coronavirus. The partnership will see crew from all matatus that terminate at the OTC bus stage and which fall under the Matatu Transport Vehicles Association start accepting fares through their phone numbers. These include vehicles under GMK and PinPoint Matatu Saccos. 

“Many businesses are seeing an increase in demand to accept M-Pesa  payments due to the  challenge posed by the  coronavirus pandemic ,” said Sitoyo Lopokoiyit, chief finance officer, Safaricom,  adding  that  their partnership with the different public transport  players brings the convenience and safety of M-Pesa  to the  crucial   sector.

The new partnership brings more than two hundred vehicles on board. The service has already been deployed to more than three hundred City Star Shuttle vehicles in Nairobi and continues to onboard additional players in the coming days, helping them further comply with the government’s recommendations to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Passengers paying their fares through the service will key in the number provided by the crew and follow the standard procedure.

Among other  measures to help minimize the impact of coronavirus  and to help customers  avoid the use of cash, all M-Pesa  customers can send money for free for transactions of Kshs. 1,000 and below within  a  ninety  day period.



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