Little Cab to Expand to Tanzania and Ghana


Kenyan-based ride firm, Little has announced that it will  expand its ride sharing business to Tanzania and Ghana by mid 2019.

CEO Kamal Budhabhatti  said that the firm will start offering rides in Dar es Salaam next week and plans to launch in Accra by May.

He added that the company plans to raise approximately 50 million dollars in capital in the coming months from potential investors in Africa and Silicon Savannah.

“We are meeting couple of investors in Africa and Siicom savannah, we are hoping that the  investment should close in the course of mid 2019,”
Budhabhatti said.

He also explained that in a bid to fairly compete with other global firms like Uber, the company is encouraging its drivers to offer extra services to earn money.

“Our drivers are agents, they can sell insurance to you, they can sell (mobile) airtime, they can pay light and/or water bills, they can do all those little things around that increases their income,” he  said

Little  which is valued at 75 million dollars has previously launched Little Shuttle, a public bus service  and motorcycle taxi service (bodaboda).

So far, Little, which is backed by Safaricom and Craft Silicon has expanded to Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda.



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