Laptop Programme Halted to Focus on Computer Labs


The Ministry of Education has now suspended the issuance of tablets to class 1 pupils under the digital literacy programme, opting instead to build computer laboratories. Each of the 25, 000 public primary schools will get one computer laboratory, this is according to Principal Secretary Bellio Kipsang.

Dr. Kipsang said: “There has been a policy change in programme from one-child one-laptop to the construction of computer laboratories for ICT integration.” He made these utterances to the National Assembly’s Education Committee while presenting budget proposals.

Members of Parliament, however, questioned this move by the government but Dr. Kipsang insisted that the construction of the laboratories was part of phase 2 of the project. The one laptop per child programme was meant to entrench ICT in all teaching and learning primary schools in the country. Initially, laptops were issued to pupils but due to cost implications, tablets were opted for instead.

Back in December, a Ministry of Education report indicated that the national implementation stands at a paltry 5%. This was a distressing finding on the multi-billion shilling project. The report prepared by former Moi University Vice-Chancellor Laban Ayiro reads: “While supply and installation in schools stands at approximately 95% nationally, implementation ails at 5% in terms of utilization of the equipment.”




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