KLM Set to Introduce First Ever Boeing Dreamliner 787-10 in E.Africa

A photo of Boeing Dreamliner 787-10. Photo/ Courtesy

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will introduce the first ever Boeing Dreamliner 787-10 in east Africa as the company marks 50 years since it began its operations in the region.

According to KLM General Manager in charge of Eastern Africa Arthur Dieffentheler, the cut throat competition in the air travel market in the region has made the airline improve it services to fit the ever dynamic clientele base.

He adds that to navigate through the competitive aviation sector airlines should come up with products tailor made for the African market.

KLM is set to introduce Boeing Dreamliner 787-10 in the East Africa market this year in a bid to cut a niche for itself in the east African region as the company celebrates 50 years of service in the region.

According to KLM the air travel is going green hence the need for regional airlines to leverage on technology to ensure environmental friendly flights.

The Airline which holds a 7.8 stake of KQ hopes the partnership with the national carrier will remain intact in the event it is nationalized as proposed by the National Assembly.



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