Kenyan Online Shoppers To Benefit From Postal Corporation Of Kenya’s Courier Agreement With Seagate.


The Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) has signed a deal with American logistics firm Seagate to enable Kenyans to ship purchases from international e-commerce companies to their doorsteps.

The move comes amid PCK’s plan to ride on its new clearing and forwarding division and e-commerce services to breathe life into the struggling State firm’s earnings.

Under the partnership, online shoppers in Kenya will buy from firms such as Amazon and e-Bay then Seagate will ship to Kenya. Once in the country, Posta will deliver the goods to homes.

Speaking during the agreement signing ceremony in Nairobi, Post Master general and CEO of Postal Corporation of Kenya Dan Kagwe said the advancement of technology and e-commerce globally has called on PCK to look for partners in the US who will help the deliver their mandate seamlessly.

“Goods from Kenya will now be delivered on timely basis in the United States and at the same time through our partnership with Seagate holdings, products ordered through e-commerce platforms like Amazon by Kenyans PCK will offer last mile services,” said Kagwe

“Postal Corporation as a player in the logistics field in the region acknowledges that technology is the best way to increase efficiency and keep costs under control,” added Kagwe.

One of the best parts of the e-commerce journey is the moment that you finally get your hands on that long-sought-after, much-anticipated item you ordered.

Seagate Holdings, which employs over 300 Kenyans in the US and has over 500 trucks will take advantage of the KQ direct flights from New York and its existing contract with Amazon.

Speaking at the same event, Alex Karundu, Seagate Holdings Managing Director and Chief risk officer said the partnership will enhance use of technology and in the long run increase ecommerce and efficient delivery.

“Seagate Holdings is happy to sign a working agreement with Postal services in Kenya which is a testimony of our commitment to providing a wider range of solutions to our customers with an efficient and reliable service,” he said.

“With the e-commerce growth globally,   customers are not only increasingly demanding but also looking for extremely cost sensitive and also willingness to pay for greater convenience and this will be addressed by our partnership today”, said Karundu.

The partnership will open new markets for both Postal Corporation and Seagate, which provides integrated logistics and transportation, brokerage and asset based warehousing and distribution services for over 5000 customers across the US and Canada.



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