Kenya Tops Africa on Access To The Internet


Kenya has been ranked as the best African country that offers good digital life in the latest Expat Insider report released by the InterNations.

The survey ranked Kenya 31st in the world ahead of South Africa (49), Morocco (58), Uganda (59) and Egypt (69).

According to the report, nine out of 10 expats in Kenya were found to be happy with the unrestricted access to online services, representing 89%, a mark found to be nine points higher than the global average of 80%. As a result of the advanced digital life, cashless payments in the country were reported to be very easy at 94% against the global standard of 78%.

The report indicated 95% of Kenyans found the process of getting the phone number easy compared to 2% who hold a different view. However, Kenya was found to be struggling with administrative and government services online being ranked 46th.

“Making cashless payments in Kenya also seems to be very easy (94 percent positive ratings verses 78 percent globally),” read part of the report released today.

The report also ranks Kenya fifth in the world for the ease of getting a local mobile phone number, behind Myanmar, New Zealand, Israel, and Estonia.

In South Africa, the survey ranks the country among the bottom 10 countries worldwide in terms of ease of getting a local mobile phone number (59), with 12 percent of expats saying it is difficult.

Uganda ranks among the worst countries in the world for digital life. According to the report, Uganda receives its lowest ratings for getting access to high-speed internet at home (65th out of 68 countries) and paying without cash (61st).

The report further states that close to two in five expats in the country 39 percent are unsatisfied with the first factor versus 16 percent globally, while a third 33 percent rate cashless payment opportunities negatively versus 13 percent globally.

“Twelve percent even say it is very difficult to pay without cash in Uganda; only five other countries worldwide have higher percentages in this regard (Germany, Argentina, Egypt, Japan, and Myanmar),” the report indicates.

The Digital Life Abroad Report is an addition to the annually published Expat Insider survey by InterNations.

The topical report is based on the Digital Life subcategory, which was added to the Expat Insider survey for the first time in 2018.

The subcategory is part of the Quality of Life Index, which covers five other subcategories, including Leisure Options, Health & Well-Being, and Travel & Transportation.



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