Kenya To Continue Importing Cheaper Products From East Africa


Kenya will not take part in the alleged influx of cheaper products, including eggs from East African countries into the Kenyan market, amid the increasing pressure from traders, farmers and manufactures who want the government to tighten the noose around the imports.

The East Africa common market protocol allows for free movement of goods, services, labour and capital within the region, and the government would only intervene if the imported products are found to be unsafe or dumped goods.Trade Principal Secretary Chris Kiptoo said.

Earlier this week, poultry farmers from Wangige market in Kiambu held a demonstration to push the government to ban the eggs alleged to be from Uganda, which they said are sold for about Sh180 per tray, way below the Sh300-330 it is sold at in Kenya.

The government, however, maintains that it has not yet found evidence of dumping or a breach of health safety standards.

“I want to assure Kenyans, manufacturers, traders, and farmers, that we are alert to make sure that we don’t face unfair competition from products coming from other countries.

Much as we promote free trade within east Africa, we will not allow substandard goods, counterfeited goods or dumped goods. We have made good progress in setting up the trade remedy agency that will deal with these issues, and it will be fully operational by December.

However, Kenyans need to prepare to accept genuine products because we believe in free trade, we cannot talk about exports and we are keen to block imports.”Trade Principal Secretary Chris Kiptoo said.



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