GroupM, a WPP-Scangroup subsidiary, has released the second wave of audience origin data in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Nigeria. The data, which is locally focused, highlights unique consumer attitudes, preferences and behaviour that shape buying decisions. This follows an announcement of the expansion of the proprietary audience origin data service in Africa in response to a growing need from clients for better quality of consumer data and consumer led insights.

Retail and internet

On retail buying in Kenya, market segmentation based on relationship status showed that 15% of those who buy baby products ((food, formula and/or diapers) on a monthly basis are single while only 11% of those surveyed are in relationships or engaged. Further, market segmentation based on generations found that while the average weekly spend in supermarkets is at USD 9.74 ( Kshs. 1,150) , baby boomers spend USD 15.55 (Kshs. 1,800) while generation   Z spend USD 8.88 (Kshs. 1,050), which is the lowest.

On internet habits, market segmentation based on generations found that among generation Z and millennials, the number of people who don’t use ad blocking and those who use ad-blocking on smartphones is almost the same at 48% with just 8% using ad-blocking on a desktop or laptop. Of these, 9.2% of millennials use ad-blocking on desktops or laptops as compared to 8.3% of generation Z. On lifestyle consumer habits, data showed that 7.7% of Kenyans own cars. When segmented in reference to health lifestyle behaviour, 14% of health fanatics own a bicycle while 10% of them own a car.


On entertainment, consumer data reflected athletics as the second most popular sport in all age groups apart from millennials (age 18 – 24) who have it as their fourth most popular sport behind football, basketball and swimming. Data on viewing habits showed that people spend a daily average of 141 minutes on live TV and 152 minutes on VOD platforms (video on demand).

Audience origin is an integral part of WPP’s newly-created choreograph, a global data products and technology company operated by GroupM, purpose-built for an era that demands a new approach to data management, usage, and brand growth. Formerly known as LIVEPanel, it is available in the following markets: Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda.


Commenting on this development, Serah Katusia, GroupM MD East and Central Africa, said:  ‘’Globally, an evolving market has triggered shifting consumer behaviour and demands across different markets and consumer profiles. Consumers are demanding more customization and require brands to leverage data to build personalized services, products and experiences. As such, for brands to stay ahead, they need to leverage emerging technologies and digital tools that give access to data and allow for in depth analysis. Audience origin serves this need.”  Additionally according to her,   GroupM has had a strong and direct presence in all markets in Africa for a long time and by extending the audience origin offering to more markets including Kenya. The firm empowers   its   clients to be able to access locally-relevant and actionable data. This ultimately helps it understand its consumers at an unprecedented level of depth, and as a result, run more impactful campaigns and grow their businesses.

Available in over sixty markets worldwide, audience origin has a unique combination of panel-based data, digital data and client data for deep audience understanding and activation. It features a globally consistent core survey at its centre, which feeds global and local planning tools while delivering audience insights, including niche audiences. Further, it uses a scaled and flexible approach, allowing clients to access the data they need while also linking to their own data (whether it’s CRM, segment, journey, or tracking) via data fusions.



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