JamboPay Contract Ends On Sunday


The Nairobi County Government could have a financial collection crisis looming starting Monday as WebTribe Ltd’s contract ends on Sunday.

The company owns the online platform, JamboPay, which collects revenue for City Hall.

This means the country is staring at a complete revenue blackout as residents will not have access to or be able to pay levies through the usual ejijipay system.

This follows a decision by Jambopay tobow of the deal after five years of being City Hall’s sole digital payment platform.

City Hall has yet to hire another firm, extend WebTribe’s contract, or put in place alternatives to avoid the risk of plunging into a financial crisis and disruption of services.

  Reverting to the manual collection is the only alternative available, but, in the past, the system has been blamed for the loss of billions of shillings due to loopholes associated with it.


The deactivation of the automated system will leave services in a shambles. Millions of residents and investors have been relying on it to pay for county services at the comfort of their homes or offices. This will come to an end and stifle operations and collection of the much-needed revenue.




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