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Alice Masiva, the Administrator, IntelWise Technologies

Professionals who offer home, office and outdoor security solutions to cater for your everyday needs

By Catherine Kuria

In the age of hacking, phishing and social engineering, it’s easy to forget the security of our surroundings be it at home or on working premises. Physical security is unequivocally as important as its logical cyber security counterpart. Physical security threats can be internal or external, man-made or acts of nature. People should rely on logical cyber and physical security programmes in tandem to protect their assets. However, some physical threats are more easily mitigated than others.
It would be significantly easier to bar entry to a malicious insider by enforcing access control measures such as badge swipe door locks than it is to mitigate against a natural disaster. Much like logical security, no amount of money can stop these threats entirely, but it is our responsibility to perform our due diligence to lessen the impact of loss and ensure continuity. Worry not, IntelWise Technologies Limited offers one of the best security solutions in the country.

IntelWise Technologies is a limited liability company that was established in 2010 and incorporated in 2014. It supplies security systems. Its vision is to be the market leader in the security systems business by being innovative, giving unmatched customer service and embracing professionalism. Its mission on the other hand is to provide high quality products and services that ensure its clients’ properties are well protected, to surpass the customers’ expectations and set high standards in the industry.

Target market and services
The company targets both commercial and residential clients and it offers security installations to them. It also provide a wide range of security systems including : CCTV cameras, intruder alarm systems, fire systems, biometric access systems, electric fencing, gate and garage automation, car tracking and fleet management, video door phone, vehicle inspection systems, barriers and road blocks, perimeter security lights, metal detectors and IT support.
“We compared security and technology whereby for one to have a good security system, you have to integrate it with technology. We did thorough research to make our services beneficial to our clients in a more technologically advanced manner,” says Alice Masiva, the administrator, IntelWise Technologies. Given the advanced development in technology today, even simple acts (like opening a gate) have been automated. “You can open your gate via a remote, using your mobile phone or by swiping of a card,” says Masiva.
IntelWise Technologies is able to secure a lot of business from referrals because of providing exemplary products and services to its clients. In as much as the company may bank on social media marketing, advertising via its website or printing materials, its work is the major selling point.

There is nothing more disheartening to an entrepreneur like an indecisive client who changes his mind like the weather. According to Masiva, at times, they might go to a site to do installation for a client, and after completing the job, he or she complains that the right equipment has not been fixed. However, they have come up with ways to curb such incidences. Before any installation is done, a contract must be drafted and signed as proof of agreement.
“The agreement is that you pay a down payment, and then after the job is done, you settle the balance, “says Masiva. Occasionally though, some clients may delay the final payment, contrary to the terms outlined in the agreement. Sadly this is a challenge that affects a lot of businesses. Clients delay payments or they fail to make any payments at all even after the job has been completed.

Growth strategy
Technology has become an integral part of our lives today. It pervades every facet of our life. From how we work, play and lead our lives, technology has created a revolution that will grow for as long as humans continue to advance in their capabilities. As the days, months and years go by; technology just gets better and better. What was once the latest and greatest yesterday, is old hat today. The bottom line is that technology is dynamic. If your organization isn’t keeping up with it, you will surely be left in the dust by one of your competitors.
Most people are on the internet nowadays with the global estimate being over three billion. They access the web through their personal computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Others have Face book pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn and some even have a website. Keeping pace with technological changes is a necessity if an organization anticipates long term stability and growth.
In Kenya, people are finally embracing technology unlike the past. IntelWise Technologies, makes sure that its clients see the value of their money by ensuring that they do a good job. It provides great products and its services are affordable. In addition, it has a 24 hour support system and knowledgeable engineers. This sets it apart from other players in the market.

This sector of the economy like many others has its ups and downs. Alice says that it’s not easy to penetrate the market. Currently, the market is overflowing with ‘briefcase installers’ who are not licensed. “Brief case installers are like freelancers. They don’t operate under companies and they don’t have offices or specific locations. They move around and charge prices lower than the ones registered companies charge. Clients will flock to them but they end up doing shoddy work and they do not offer after sales service.
This ‘briefcase installers’ have come to spoil the market. Some are not even fit for the job. For those who want to start a company that offers security solutions, it is therefore not easy. The market is full of all manner of dealers. For those aspiring to invest in the field, Masiva says they should be prepared both financially and emotionally to handle various challenges that they might encounter.

We are living in the most exciting times in the history of modern technology. Technological currents have converged, amplified and remixed with each other to accelerate the pace of innovation. Now, physical security is no longer just physical, modern security systems are cyber-physical systems, inheriting both the power and pitfalls of the digital world. While the industry has seen a marked growth in physical security, information technology, logical security and cyber sectors, security has been greatly influenced by sea changes in our daily technology capabilities.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the landscape. Physical security enterprises now incorporate big data and artificial intelligence (AI), and mobile devices increasingly monitor and manage our security. By the same token, smart phones have become indispensable. With biometric recognition and credentials capabilities, they have become our mobile physical access passes. Security companies are also deploying cloud-based PACS. Home automation’s like gates, building management systems are taking shape as people are becoming security conscious as compared to some years back.
The company is planning to expand its services country wide. It is also putting measures in place in order to have a regional presence. Finally, it is also planning to introduce guard and community patrol services.



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