Although Facebook and TikTok remain the absolute leaders in the social media space, with 2.7 billion and 1.9 billion users in 2023, Instagram brings far more money for content creators working in the industry. According to data presented by, last year, content creators earned an average of $2,784 per paid Instagram story, 30% more than from paid YouTube video post and 330% more than from Facebook photo posts.

Instagram stories and Twitch top

The cost of influencer marketing posts has exploded over the past years. According to a report by a marketing company, IZEA, the average paid post brought in more than $1,100 to content creators last year. Back in 2015, that number was only $25. This eye-popping 4,300% price jump in just seven years has helped content creators and influencers significantly grow their incomes. Still, not all social media platforms offer the same earnings.

According to the survey, the world`s third-largest social media platform, Instagram, and the number one community for gamers, Twitch, have the priciest paid posts. Last year, content creators earned an average of $2,784 from a single paid Instagram story, much more than from a paid video post on most other social media platforms. TikTok stood close, with an average price of $2,741 per paid post. Statistics show YouTube paid video posts brought in an average of $2,102 to content creators last year, or 30% less than Instagram and TikTok promotions.

But paid posts on all three platforms are still considerably cheaper than those on Twitch, the world`s number one community for gamers. Statistics show a single video sponsorship on Twitch costs a hefty $4,373 on average, 60% more than Instagram Story or TikTok paid posts. The survey also revealed that combination posts to Instagram ,  TikTok and Instagram stories as well as  YouTube were the priciest at $6,444 and roughly $12,000, respectively.

Video posts twice more expensive than paid photo posts

Over the years, videos have become the most shareable online content, bringing companies a huge reach, driving user engagement, and boosting brand awareness. According to a Wyzlow survey, people on average watched  seventeen  hours of online video content per week in 2023, and 91% of respondents said they wanted to see more online videos from brands.

So, it`s no surprise that paid video posts on social media platforms cost twice more than photo posts. The IZEA data show that photo-based paid posts on Facebook cost $642 last year. Instagram photo posts were twice as expensive, costing $1,311. Statistics show Twitter had the highest average price of paid photo posts of $1,643 last year.



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