Too many leaders forget that without urgency and clarity, critical conversations fall flat and the whole organization suffers. If you are looking to jumpstart change as the leader of your company or of your own life, the question is: how can you inject your conversations with urgency and clarity?

Rose Fass knows how. As the chief transformation officer of Xerox, she spearheaded the transformation from “copier company” to “document Solutions Company.” In 2000, she established a centre for business transformation at Gartner Group. A year later, she co-founded fassforward Consulting Group, the “how to lead people, tell your story and advance your business.” Now, in her eye-opening new book, The Leadership Conversation (Total Publishing and Media), she explains — with punch and practicality — how to break through the inevitable chaos of change, create structure and get to the outcomes you want to achieve.

Fass provides the steps to get you started

The first conversation to have is with yourself. Be willing to admit that “something has got to change” if you want to see change. The second conversation is about change in companies. Learn how to assess what works and what doesn’t — not just today but also tomorrow. (The path from industry leadership to receivership is brutally short.)

The third conversation is relevancy. In every business there are four considerations: growth, scale, productivity and relevance. Relevance is the key that keeps your business going. The fourth and last conversation is about making change happen. Conversations are meant to reframe your people’s thinking and move people to action. “In today’s fast-changing world, urgency is a priority. And in today’s world of information-overload, clarity is a priority,” Fass said

In her previous successful book, The Chocolate Conversation, Fass explained how people think they’re talking about the same thing (for example: chocolate) when they’re really talking about many different things (for example: milk, white or a chocolate labradoodle). And chocolate conversations doom any chance for successful change. The Leadership Conversation shows you how to stop having chocolate conversations — and how to replace them with conversations in which you and your team actually talk about the same thing and achieve it. In other words: Success.

About the author

 Rose  Fass  is the CEO of fassforward Consulting Group , which was awarded the Inc. 500/5000 for three consecutive years. She works with executive teams from Fortune 500 companies to help them transform their businesses. Her work delivers thought leadership along with methodologies and tools that enable clients to address tough challenges, solve complex business problems, execute their strategies and deliver bottom-line results. A dynamic speaker, Fass has been a guest on CNBC and is frequently invited to share her wisdom at private and public sector events. She has a  bachelor  of arts  degree from Boston University’s School of Management and has completed the advanced executive studies programme  at Harvard Business School.



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