I&M Burbidge Capital celebrates 10-year anniversary, looks to expand further into Sub Saharan Africa

Edward Burbidge, the CEO of I&M Burbidge Capital Ltd giving his remarks during a cocktail event held at I&M Bank office in Parklands, Nairobi. I&M Burbidge Capital (“IMBC” or the “Firm”) celebrated a decade of tremendous growth and market contribution. The Firm advises mid and large sized businesses on significant capital raises, mergers and acquisitions and strategic capital and tax structuring.

I&M Burbidge Capital (“IMBC” or the “Firm”) is pleased to announce the achievement of its 10th Anniversary, marking what has been a decade of tremendous growth and market contribution. The Firm, which was founded in Nairobi over a decade ago by Edward Burbidge, advises mid and large sized businesses on significant capital raises, mergers and acquisitions and strategic capital and tax structuring.

In 2016, I&M Group PLC, acquired 65% shareholding in Burbidge Capital. Following this, Burbidge Capital became a subsidiary of the I&M Group and was renamed I&M Burbidge Capital soon thereafter.

I&M Burbidge Capital is one of the most active corporate advisory businesses in East Africa with a significant presence in the banking, insurance, manufacturing and real estate sectors. It’s Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and private equity practice have been severally feted at the DealMakers Africa Awards where I&M Burbidge Capital has emerged as the most prolific advisor and at the EAVCA Awards where the private equity industry has voted the Firm as the top Financial Advisor since 2019.

It currently has a diverse clientele base with operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia and a growing clientele in several other African countries including Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana and Malawi. The Firm is also making strategic investments to support early-stage growth companies, especially those that are tech-enabled, leveraging its extensive venture capital investor network.

Speaking during the anniversary celebrations, Edward Burbidge, the CEO of I&M Burbidge Capital Ltd, noted that the company has made significant strides geared towards enhancing the investment landscape across the East African region, as it continues to scout for more opportunities to better support and expand horizons for businesses and clients across Africa. “We are really excited about this phase where we see increasing prospects to expand our reach and penetrate other markets in Africa positioning ourselves as growth enablers,” said Edward.

Edward also noted that being part of the I&M Group has given the Firm a broader regional presence with increasing cross-border business pedigree. The Firm has, over the years established partnerships with leading investment banks in Africa, Europe & Asia. “The partnership with I&M Group has enhanced balance sheet capacity for our clients in acquisitions; and has made it possible for I&M Burbidge Capital to help private equity clients enhance their return by leveraging transactions,” he added. 

I&M Group Plc’s Group Executive Director, Mr.  Sarit S Raja Shah noted that working as I&M Burbidge Capital enabled the Group to expand its service offering and provide a one-stop shop proposition to its customers for their financial needs. “Through IMBC, the Group is able to serve those customers who require specialist advisory services on

capital raising, M&As as well as capital restructuring.  “I am pleased to note that over the last few years, the Firm has been able to build up a customer base that trusts us,” said Mr. Shah.  He added that I&M Burbidge Capital has a unique operating model following a partnership approach where the Bank and Firm teams share expertise to unlock synergies that enhance the customer offering and experience.

Some of the landmark transactions that I&M Burbidge Capital has recently successfully executed include capital raises for Dairyland, Rosslyn Riviera and Kenya Nut Company; a rights issue for I&M Bank Rwanda, as well as M&A for NCBA Group and Crane Bank Uganda and the acquisition of Nova Insurance in Uganda by GA Insurance. 



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