How To Stay Safe During This Rainy Season


The rainy season is a welcome change from the sweltering summer heat.

Many Kenyans hope for abundant rain during 2019 season but when too much rain falls too fast, flash floods are likely. We must take precautions.

Here are some tips to prepare you for heavy rain and flash flooding;

Prepare your house for rain.

  • Get your roof and gutters inspected to ensure good condition before the rain falls. Remove leaves or debris from gutters throughout the year.
  • Check the inside of the house to be sure there are no signs of water leaks-mold, water rings or paint discoloration. Make any necessary repairs.
  • Check doors and windows to ensure they seal properly.
  • Prune dead brunches from trees in your yard, which can fall on or around during a storm.
  • Have sandbags on hand for low areas of your house to keep water at bay during a flood.
  • In a flood, move furniture to higher floors to prevent water damage.

Staying safe during a flash flood

  • Listen to local stations during storms for possible flood warning.
  • If there is a flood in your area move to a higher ground.


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