How To Attract Investors In Your Business


John Bakari is an entrepreneur who started his Techware enterprise barely two years ago. Today his business is going very steady and he has employed more than fifteen employees specializing in different departments.

He brings in his own capital and is even considering on attracting more investors in order to bring in more capital for business growth.

Now the big question is how can an entrepreneur attract investors For a start up?

Create a business plan and pitch
Potential investors usually need a concrete plan of the business they are willing to invest in. Therefore, you should make sure that your business sells and that its convenient for the him to invest in your firm.
You should also make sure that you are well informed about your business so that the investor can be able to entrust his money to you.

Do a market research
Before you attract investors make sure that you search for the people who are within your budget and level. You should be aware of the market trend and how much the investors are putting in businesses.

Leave room for the investors to participate
As an entrepreneur you should allow for the investors to take part in decision making and strategic planning. This will help them in making them feel like they are your partners in the business.

Establish your network of many people
As an entrepreneur you need to associate yourself with many people who are well known around. Interacting with business people will give you a chance to meet people who can be willing to invest in your business. An entrepreneur needs to familiarize himself with many people in the market as they can help you meet potential investors.

Start by investing your savings in your business
You should make sure that you lift your business from the ground by investing your savings in the business as this will help your investors take you seriously before they decide to fund your project. Any investor wants to fund in a business that can support itself.

Investors are highly recognized as the supporters and funders who can help you expand your business. So they need to get a reality check of your business before they decide to invest in it.



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