High Court Suspends Ban On Non-woven Shopping Bags 


The High Court of Kenya has temporarily suspended the ban on non-woven bags.

In a ruling delivered today morning, the court noted that the ban on the carrier bags has been suspended pending the hearing of an application filed in court by the Importers and Small Traders Association.

The National Environment Management Authority had started the crackdown on non-woven, unauthorised plastic carriers would begin on April 1 with NEMA’s Director General Prof  Geoffrey Wahungu  advising on the bags to be used to replace the non- woven ones.

Nema parades some of the bags they have approved for use in Kenya

In a statement, NEMA’s director general Prof Geoffrey Wahungu stated that the bags are to be replaced with carrier bags made from sisal, cotton, reeds as well as certain types of hard plastic.

“We can plant wood lots for paper and use that if we need, there’s no problem,” Prof Wahungu told journalists on Tuesday.

Shoppers have been  facing shortage of carrier bags after the ban on manufacture, importation and use of unwoven, non -reusable  bags



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