Google Launches New Job Search Engine


Are you seeking for a job and don’t know how to go about it? Well, worry no more. You can now just google it. Multinational technology company, Google has launched its own jobs search engine.

The ‘Google for Jobs’ feature allows Kenyan job seekers to search for new employment opportunities locally using their phones or their computers.

Google Kenya Country Manager Charles Murito says the launch builds on Google’s existing commitment in Sub Saharan Africa to improve economic opportunities for job seekers and employers, demonstrated through Grow with Google initiatives.

“Finding employment is still very difficult for many people. With Kenya’s high unemployment rate, this new job Search experience will help the millions of Kenyans searching for new opportunities,” Murito said.

The new feature employs machine learning algorithms to sort and organize job listings from a range of employment sites including LinkedIn, BrighterMonday and Fuzu among others.

“We believe that the web allows anyone, anywhere, of any age, to grow their business, learn the skills they need to get a job, to grow in their career, become an entrepreneur or developer. This new jobs Search tool will be a key driver for connecting job seekers to open opportunities, helping more people to grow with Google.”

To search for a job, type ‘jobs’ or ‘internships’ into a Google search, and a box titled jobs will appear beneath the search bar.

Users will also be able to view details about postings, such as job title, location, whether it’s full-time, part-time or an internship, as well as detailed information should a job be of interest.

Using Google Maps integration, job seekers can search for jobs from any place they can find on the map, and if they’re signed in, they can even see how long it would take to commute to the job from home



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