Good News For Mhasibu Sacco

Mhasibu sacco members registering for the AGM
Mhasibu Sacco 31st Annual General Meeting ( AGM)   was held today at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD). It was well attended by the members and other stakeholders.
While addressing the members, the chairman Mr. Andrew Bulemi observed that 2019 has started on high note. “Mhasibu sacco 2019 theme of harnessing our brand is committed to innovation and repackaging of our product in order to ensure members achieve convenience and efficiency in service delivery. The sacco has planned a number of activities aimed at enhancing the Mhasibu brand. The focus will be to enhance service delivery and value to the members,” he noted.
Board Members of Mhasibu sacco following the AGM proceedings
“The society asset base has grown tremendously in the last five years, closing at Ksh. 5.1 billion in 2018.This is an increase by 15% compared to the position of 4.4 billion as at December 2017, “the chairman said.
He thanked the members, directors and management team of Mhasibu Sacco for contributing to its success.
Members having a sumptuous lunch
The Sacco shifted to Barclays Plaza late last year. This has helped in having a friendly office, more appealing and spacious location. This new location will ensure better services to the members and ease of access. It will also accommodate future growth.
In view of this good performance the Board of Directors recommended payment of interest on membersdeposits at 8% and dividend on share capital at 15%.


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