Five Things To Consider When Buying A Heel

1. Size

Make sure that you measure your feet at the shoe shop; this will allow you, once and for all to accurately determine your shoe size, and allow you to buy better fitting shoes accordingly.

2. The Time of Day

Throughout the day, feet tend to swell. Shopping in the afternoon will give you a good idea of how your shoes will fit your feet when the sun’s gone down; always a useful thing to know.

3. The Walk Test

We should never buy a pair of shoes without walking in them first. Put both shoes on in the shop and parade around in them for a good few minutes. Practice walking and turning, and all the time try to gauge how balanced you feel.

4. Your Wardrobe

Perhaps one of the most irritating – and yet the most common – shoe shopping mistakes is to buy a pair of heels that doesn’t go with anything else in your wardrobe. When you are considering making your purchase, try to visualize your outfits and pick out all of the things that match the footwear in question.

5. Pressure

Most of the time, pain in heels is a product of too much pressure placed on the balls of the feet. If a shoe is balanced, you should feel that your weight is distributed evenly across the heel and into the front parts of the sole, if it isn’t, ultimately you will experience aching and discomfort.





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