In his new book, Leadership Is Influence,  consultant and international speaker Paul Lawrence Vann shares a wealth of practical wisdom plus a three-pronged approach designed to help “move the needle” for average leaders and propel them toward becoming what he calls a “leader of influence.”

“A leader of influence is someone who is able to get other people to see their vision and is able to develop all members of their staff become leaders,” Vann explains. “By developing other leaders, the organization as a whole maximizes its human potential, develops a competitive advantage in its industry and improves its bottom line.”

Vann also makes clear that titles don’t define leaders. “The fact of the matter is this: You do not have to have the title of a leader to be one. You are still a leader in your role as a manager or employee,” he says.

In Leadership Is Influence, Vann covers topics such as: the myth of born leaders,  how to develop leadership skills that last a professional lifetime ,  leadership talents and abilities that organizations need, why it is  important for college students to develop leadership skills , the qualities of great leaders, skills that transcend mediocrity and propel people to excellence and   the three-pronged approach to becoming a leader of influence . “This book provides readers with a blueprint for becoming a good leader, and ultimately, a leader of influence,” Vann adds. “You just have to do the work to make it happen.”

About the author

Paul Lawrence Vann is founder and President of Wealth Building Academy, LLC, a leadership consultancy that provides leadership speeches, leadership development workshops, digital leadership courses and books. Vann served over twenty  years in the U.S.  Air Force (USAF), including  twelve consecutive years in the Pentagon working for general officers and  Department  of  Defence  executives. He attended every leadership school the USAF had to offer, and he led people and managed billion-dollar resources. Vann retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel from the USAF and founded Wealth Building Academy. He is a professional speaker and is also the author of  Living On Higher Ground and Faith For Times Like Now. He earned an M.S. in Contracts and Acquisition Management, an M.A. in Business Management and a B.A. in Business Administration. Vann is the host of Wealth Academy Podcast and leads the YouTube Channel, Leadership Is Influence.



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