By embracing technology in its business model, Equity’s performance has been remarkable.  Digitization   enhances efficiency and gives room for innovation in product development and service delivery.  By and large, it also boosts customer experience and is a key driver of effective cost management.

To start with, the Eazzy Banking App stands out as a   great innovation in the rich digital bouquet of services that is offered by Equity Bank.  The innovative product has won the hearts of many customers using   smart phones both locally and globally, and has over 1 million downloads.

Among its key benefits, the Eazzy Banking App subscribers globally can access various services that are offered by Equity once connected to the internet. In that respect, they can send back home and save money, pay for goods and services via EazzyPay and access EazzyLoans besides checking the status of their bank accounts.

 In a fast-paced world where people have to meet deadlines at their workplaces and households, time has literally become money.  It has become more convenient and prudent for customers to conduct their banking transactions from the comfort of   their workplaces, homes and even while on safari.  Subscribers can download the Eazzy Banking App from Google Play Storehttp://bit.ly/AndroidEquityEazzyBanking or AppStore http://bit.ly/AppleEquityEazzyBanking

Enhanced confidence

With the efficiency and convenience that has been   provided by the Eazzy Banking platform, many customers are not limited by the  official working days and hours given  by the bank,  while in need of making  transactions – it has become a 24/7 routine.   Moreover, digital banking is a more secure way to pay for goods and services as opposed to carrying liquid cash.

By riding on such innovations, Equity customers have gained more confidence in the brand since it has effectively solved problems that they had grappled with for a long period of time.  It should also not be lost to keen market researchers in the bank that majority of the technologically savvy customers are in the youthful age bracket. By catching them while they are still young through the development of products that suit their lifestyles, Equity is laying a strong foundation for its future in the banking business. Going by the current trends in the market, that future will be dominated by technology.


Buying and selling of goods and services via the World Wide Web may have started in a small way in the early nineties. Popularly known as e-commerce, the trend has nevertheless grown phenomenally, and many online retailers and marketplaces have emerged globally. In order to execute these transactions that run into millions of dollars every single hour, money and data have to be transferred. In that regard, banking technology has come in handy in facilitating e-commerce.

Equity Bank’s Eazzy API (Application Programming Interface) provides software to developers and companies with the necessary information that enables them to develop applications that integrate well with the Bank’s payment solutions. To that end, the bank has been able to partner with Jumia, a leading online retailer in offering e-commerce, Kilimall, Jungle Nuts and many other companies. Individuals can now conveniently purchase various items online via the Eazzy API.

By going digital, Equity has facilitated its customers to make 97% of their transactions outside the traditional banking halls.  This is very good news for the bank as it seeks to conquer more market share without investing in the brick and mortar delivery channel.  By the same token, the number of loans being disbursed through the mobile phones stand at 93%, demonstrating that customers have gained confidence in digital banking, because of its convenience and efficiency.

These developments sit well with the promise that has been made by the fresh and unified brand identity of Equity – to be the next frontier in delivering a seamless customer experience across markets and demographic segments.  They have taken cognizance of the fact that the future of banking is digital.

With the recent Covid 19 pandemic, the use of digital platforms has never been more timely. The public is currently being deterred from using physical cash as paper and coin money is one of the ways in which the virus can easily be spread. More importantly is the rise in e-commerce where one can buy, pay and have goods delivered without them leaving the comfort of their homes as movements is limited or curtailed. So using digital banking channels to send money or pay for goods and services or using e-commerce platforms essentially means keeping oneself safe.



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