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Closing the health gap in Africa within a generation is achievable if opportunities afforded by a rapidly growing workforce are seized. Equity Group is doing just that through their Equity Afia initiative. Equity Afia is a group of medical providers who have come together as a network of medical providers with the aim of providing high quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to the majority of Kenyans.
Equity Afia was formed to respond to the growing need of affordable quality healthcare for all Kenyans. It has also provided a platform for alumni of the Equity Africa Leaders Program and Wings to Fly scholars who were qualified health professionals to use their health expertise to transform lives and livelihoods of Kenyans through offering affordable quality and accessible health care.
What services do they offer that sets them apart?
Equity Afia facilities offer high quality and affordable health care. Their clinical and support teams are very friendly and listen to their clients’ journey towards health restoration and preventative healthcare solutions. They believe health promotion is a partnership between the clinician and the patient that works best when there is good communication between the two parties. Their facilities are open to all Kenyans regardless of socioeconomic status and background care is provided for the whole family.
Preventive or Curative Health
They manage both curative and preventative health care services and are now increasingly emphasizing on preventive care services. Preventative healthcare services include integrated immunization services, screening for chronic diseases including cancer as well as structured free health talks on various lifestyle diseases in the work place, churches and other organized gatherings and communities. Screening for chronic diseases such as Pap smear for cervical cancer, diabetes and other subsidized cost to ensure maximal impact in the community.
Equity Afia offers comprehensive outpatient care for the whole family. Their services include consultation by their doctors, a wide range of outpatient procedures and a modern laboratory tests and well-stocked in-house pharmacies.
Further, they have in-house specialists such as pediatricians, gynecologists, obstetricians, ENT services, physicians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, antenatal and well-baby clinics. They are in the process of introducing medical imaging services such as ultra sounds and x-rays as well as dental services. They have integrated their services to offer comprehensive care and antiretroviral medication to their HIV positive patients in a confidential manner.
Preventative healthcare services offered include integrated immunization services, screening for chronic diseases including cancer as well as structured free health talks on various lifestyle diseases.
Equity Afia as the name suggests, believes that everyone should access quality healthcare regardless of their socioeconomic status. For patients to achieve access, they have adopted a very affordable pricing structure for their quality services and drugs with outpatient consultation with a medical doctor starting from KES 500/-. Screening for chronic diseases such as Pap smear for cervical cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases are done in organized medical fairs for free or at a very subsidized costs as well.
Target Market age wise and other demographics
Equity Afia believes in the well being of the whole family and as such provide preventative and curative services to men, women and children. They are also targeting all clients in need of health care services in both urban and pre-urban areas who are in formal and informal employment who access healthcare services either out of pocket, under the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), under in-house schemes by companies or through medical insurance companies.
Their team includes qualified Medical Officers, Nurses, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Technologists and Sonographers who offer superior patient management services. They are supported by a team of front office and back personnel who work tirelessly to ensure the comfort of our clients as they go through the various service points. Further, they have pediatricians, gynecologists, obstetricians, ENT specialists, physicians, nutritionists, physiotherapists and general surgeons who offer specialist services.
Hurdles along the way
The challenge that they encounter is the wellness seeking behavior of the general population. Most clients visit their health facilities when they are unwell for conditions that they would have been able to prevent had they visited the facilities earlier. They have hence adopted a preventive approach to health care access.
Equity Afia believes that; universal and affordable health insurance for all would be beneficial to them at the policy level. National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is doing a good job so far but they believe there is still room for coverage for more people.
All the locations of their clinics are chosen with the client in mind. They have set up their clinics in locations where clients can easily access either by public means or private means and which are easy to see for their clients.
Equity Afia ensures that the locations of their clinics within the buildings are easily accessible by their clients who may not be in their best of health. As such, they are located on lower floors in buildings with both ramp and lift access options. They are currently located in the following locations:
Siron House
Magadi Road
Tel: 0765 00001

The Point Mall,
Rabai Road
Tel: 0765 000002

Pinnacle Business
Centre, Kayole
Spine Road
0765 000003

Alingo Plaza,
Naivasha Road
0765 000004

80 West Building,
Kenyatta Highway
0765 000005



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