EA Cables Unveils New Cabling Solutions

EA Cable Chief Executive Paul Muigai. Photo/ Courtesy

East African Cables (EA Cables) has unveiled new cabling solutions aimed at the agricultural and cottage industries in a bid to improve the efficiency and quality of outputs from these sectors.

Based on current trends in the agriculture sector on the adoption of irrigation, EA Cables has developed a submersible cable for use in deep wells and boreholes.

In addition, EA Cables has developed, resilient welding cables to support a growing SME and cottage industry that continues to demand high quality products.

This diversification of EA Cables’ product portfolio comes on the back of rebounding revenues supported by constant innovation at the company.

In 2018, the Group weathered challenges that included Macro-economic environment, working capital constraints and illicit trade which is still a problem for manufacturers.

Despite the challenges, the group maintained an order book on contracted business of Sh5.2 billion and expanded its margins.

This was done through aggressive cost optimization and waste reduction, product and customer diversification, and sustained implementation of Total Performance Management (TPM), which has improved efficiencies and reduced costs.

“Now that the debt burden has been resolved, all generated revenues will be refueled to production with focus on EAC mainstay in retail where our brand is strong,” EA Cable Chief Executive Paul Muigai.

“We will focus on strengthening the brand through marketing activities, improving customer experience, brand protection by collaborating with enforcement agencies and through our Zinduka campaign which ensures all consumers use the verification tool to ensure authenticity of cables, Product innovation-Continued (R&D) research and development to deliver safe, reliable and value-added products,” he added



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