Drop In Wheat Harvest


A 30% fall in wheat harvest is estimated in the northern Rift due to a high cost of production, heavy rains and delays in payment for deliveries.

“Wheat farming must be mechanised unlike in the case of maize planting, also weather has made it difficult, finances could also be a factor bearing in mind they were delayed payments by NCPB,” says Trans Nzoia county Agriculture Minster Mary Nzomo.

The government had increased the prices as a payback to the high cost of production due to fall armyworm invasion and drought reported in the country.

The wheat growers in the northern Rift are mainly from Trans Nzoia, Uasin ngishu and parts of Elgeyo-marakwete counties.

Farmers also said that the market conditions have contributed to pulling the prices down, leaving the cost of a 90 KG bag of wheat at sh,200 from sh3,200 last year.

farmers opt to grow maize which cost of production is relatively low compared to wheat. Since the cost of maize production per acre is sh33,000 while for wheat is sh38,000.




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