Darling Kenya Donates Wigs To Cancer Champions

Darling Kenya Chief Executive Officer Gaurav Kaushal takes KENCASA executive director Grace Injene (L) and Mary Wambugu a breast cancer survivor through one of their products during the Darling donation of premium wigs to cancer survivors

Darling, East Africa’s leading hair extensions manufacturer, has donated wigs to the Kenya Cancer Association (KENCANSA) for cancer champions undergoing radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

The wigs are part of the premium product range the brand recently launched under its ‘Curls and Colour’ campaign.

Darling Kenya Chief Executive Officer Mr. Gaurav Kaushal said that the brand understands the importance of confidence through fashionable hairstyles.

“As the market leader, Darling understands that today’s multi-dimensional woman wants more out of life and liberation from conventional hairstyles. We want to equip our cancer champions with an indispensable freedom to effortlessly channel any style, anytime with ease. We want them to find their beautiful selves in whichever wig suits them well,” said Mr. Kaushal.

Over 1,000 women across Kenya supported by KENCANSA are expected to benefit from the wigs donation.

KENCANSA Executive Director Ms. Grace Mugambi said for cancer champions wigs are a step toward reclaiming their confidence and reasserting their place in their world.

“Losing one’s hair is a common side of chemotherapy which can have a great impact on a woman’s self-esteem.  Many of the women have difficulty adjusting to the hair loss and that is why wigs are a very important part of their treatment,” said Ms. Mugambi.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer’s Globocan 2018 data shows women lead in new cancer cases with 28,688 getting the disease compared to 19,199 men, representing 56 per cent of the total new cases.

Over the years, synthetic wigs have been curated to have a more real-hair feel to them, created with lighter materials and they are cooler to wear and easier to style due to new technological improvements.

“The wigs come in a growing array of colors and hip styles that often move and look just like human hair. Their easy care means no-fuss, “shake and go” styling. As part of our rebrand, we remain commitment to consumer-relevant innovation and quality, as it seeks to maintain the trust it has built over generations,” said Mr. Kaushal.



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