Land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship maybe important factors of production. Nevertheless, even if they are combined in a way that will enable them yield optimal profits, all this effort may become a cropper if the operating environment is not peaceful.  More often than not, the importance of peace is only appreciated when a war or violence breaks out. Besides the obvious losses that businesses incur, in the event of war, innocent blood is shed and there is wanton destruction of property.  To say the least, peace is so precious that gambling with it is tantamount to digging one’s grave.
It is against that background that we must  commend Mount Kenya University (MKU) for organizing a highly successful international conference on peace, security and social enterprise.  Drawing delegates from various parts of the world, one message was very clear from this crucial meeting of great minds – that the world should not spare any effort or resources in the maintenance of peace.
Whereas it is a fact that man by his very nature competes with fellow man for resources and power, that should not be used as an excuse of disrupting peace. It is a sad reality that it takes a lot of time and colossal amounts of money to restore peace in countries that have been ravaged by war. Worse is the fact that there are individuals (and even nations) keen on capitalizing on disrupting peace so as to gain money and power.  Most of these nations are the most powerful in the world but they do not give a hoot whether they are causing  irreparable damage to  the  unfortunate  nations  that  they  cunningly  lead  to the destructive path of war, in so far as that will assist  them to achieve their selfish ends.
In the same breath, the wealthy and powerful individuals easily incite the weak and poor to butcher one another as they also selfishly pursue their own goals.  History is full of such examples. It is therefore the high time we learnt that by all means, peace must and should be safeguarded.




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