Crisis Looms After Ministry Of Education Suspends 2-6-3-3-3 System


Publishers, Schools and parents are in shock after Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed announced that the ministry was suspending the rollout of the new curriculum.

The new early primary school syllabus throws into crisis the learning programme for more than five million pupils — from nursery to Class Three.

This move has left the key stakeholders feeling left out after the announcement by the ministry of education. Noting that she had not consulted all stakeholders in education sector.

Education Cabinet Secretary Amina stated last evening that an education conference in January will review the new 2-6-3-3-3 system and decide the way forward.

The new system was to comprise two years of pre-school, six years of primary school, six years of high school, and three years of tertiary education. Classes are to be referred to as grades, rather than standards.

Out of curiosity, Biashara Leo talked to some parents who were upset about the decision,saying most of them had already purchased the books and wondered what will happen to the children who have to go back to the 8-4-4 curriculum.

Publishers also stated that they will suffer a big blow  because they have already used billions of shillings to publish the new learning materials

Donors and other partners had also pumped in billions of shillings providing new learning materials.

kenyans complained the decision is frustrating and that a lot of resources will go to waste. Millions of shillings were used to host two national conferences as well as pay several consultants to drive the process.

KPSA(Kenya private school association) has remained firm ;forward ever, backward never. We started it. We must live with it and continuously better the curriculum as we move along.

The association insisted that the government must release the Grade four designs and allow teachers to prepare for next term.

Amina said children who are already in the new system will not be affected. “Its full roll-out will wait for the conference. We expect to come up with a clear road map,” She she added.
 Education PS  Richard Kipsang who accompanied Amina,said there should be no problem going back to the old system as the pupils were only in Grades 1 and 2 and not in Grade 3.
We sat down with Monica Akinyi who is a parent and a trained teacher.She told Biashara Leo that the 6-3-3-3 system is good because it will develop an all-round child who will become a useful member of the community.The suspended curriculum was meant to be more practical which would help the pupils to discover their talents.
” I have always encouraged the pupils by saying that it is not always in class that you score high marks. You can score high marks anywhere even in the co-curricular activities and there is always a place for each and every child in the society. This includes the child who scores 400 marks (out of 500) in class and the child who scores 100 marks and below.” Monica said.






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