Caterpillar Set To Unveil Next Gen Excavators In Nairobi


Global construction equipment manufacturer, CATERPILLAR is set to launch its new Next Generation excavators christened “NEXGEN EXCAVATORS” mid this month in Nairobi. This is in an aim to expand its portfolio in the building and construction industry in East Africa region.

Next Gen excavators come loaded with technology features for maximum productivity, optimal performance, highly improved fuel efficiency reducing average consumption by 25% and even a 15% reduction in maintenance costs.

The machines are equipped with enhanced operator efficiency averaging 45%, his own safety and job site safety features with the flagship being a standard and factory fitted rear view camera that has a wide angle viewed from a 10” screen on board the operator station. This gives the operator the ability to increase his efficiency in loading and maneuvering around the job site.

Pay load management system integrated and factory installed reduces the requirement of additional weigh bridges to re-measure trucks when loaded. The operator can exactly tell how many tons he has loaded on trucks which he can then synchronize with the rated capacities of the trucks. This will greatly help with overloading of trucks and consequential damages on our roads that arise from overloading.

As the economy grows and infrastructure expands and working spaces get narrower with obstacles in form of buildings, preexisting service lines, repair jobs can be difficult and pose hazards to both users and contractors whilst performing routine maintenance works. The NGH excavators through the elaborate and meticulous e-fence technologies allows the operator to work within restricted areas with no risk of accidents or damage to underlying or overhead service supplies. The NGH machine is equipped with E-Ceiling, E-Floor, E-swing features that limit maximum movement within preset limits.

Global earth moving equipment Market is highly fragmented and the major players have used various strategies such as joint ventures, partnerships, acquisitions, and others to increase their footprints in the East African market. Mantrac and CAT continue to present wide range of equipment to meet the ever growing demand for faster and profitable jobsite efficacy through technology and machines designed to deliver the jobs.



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