From left: Sarah Karingi CEO Door Queen of Networking, Josephine Bekoe CFAO Mobility general manager human resources, Mercy Kagwiria NCBA head of retail wealth solutions and Paulette Asur Nandwa NCBA head of retail wealth solutions during the launch of the Beauty Meets the Bonnet Initiative.

By George Gichuki

It was a memorable  evening.  Women were  celebrated in great style. Their renaissance, resilience and tenacity stood out.  Having broken the proverbial  glass  ceiling, the great women in the house  exuded confidence and energy as they networked. Two equally great  companies – NCBA and  CFAO Mobility Kenya –  had created a forum  for them to learn more about money matters and the experience of  posh  motor vehicle  brands. The event was aptly themed : ‘Beauty Meets the Bonnet.’  It is a  strategic partnership   that  seeks to provide women with boutique experiences that align with their aspirations and lifestyle.


The  partnership   will not only enhance women’s   driving experience,  but also provide valuable resources and benefits to help them maintain and enjoy their vehicles to the fullest. Some of the benefits that come with being a member of the ‘Beauty Meets the Bonnet ‘  club  include :   offers on routine maintenance services and spare parts, access to exclusive  events and networking opportunities.

Speaking at the  launch of this club , CFAO Mobility Kenya Kenya general manager-human resources, Josephine Bekoe  said :  “We are excited to collaborate with NCBA Bank on this ground-breaking initiative.” She added : “  This partnership underscores our commitment to providing strong asset finance solutions to our customers. By focusing on the unique needs of women drivers, we aim to make vehicle ownership more convenient, empowering them to achieve their dreams.”


The  strategic partnership  represents a significant step forward in empowering women drivers and promoting gender inclusivity in the automotive industry. To that end, the partners  are committed to delivering exceptional value and support to their customers. “ At NCBA, we are dedicated to empowering women, and our collaboration with CFAO Mobility Kenya highlights this commitment. We value forming strategic alliances like this one to solidify our partnership. We are confident that this initiative will further assist our customers in pursuing their dreams and aspirations as members of the ‘Beauty Meets The Bonnet’ club,”  said  Mr. John Gachora,  NCBA Group managing director.

The bank believes in broadening the horizons for women’s  financial possibilities.  Its goal is to provide the tools and resources that enable women to achieve their financial goals. Today, women are no  longer depending on men to define their financial success.  Audacious   and independent  minded, they are venturing into entrepreneurship, advancing their careers and securing their future with resounding success. 

NCBA offers an array of wealth solutions that help women to break  down  barriers  that have historically excluded them from formal financial systems. These barriers include : discriminatory lending  practices, limited financial literacy and expensive  financial services. Significantly,  economically  empowered women are able to uplift the living standards of their respective households by investing in education, health and businesses.  Ultimately, this ripple effect contributes to sustainable development and poverty reduction.



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