Business Quotes



George Wachiuri, the founder of Optiven, a real estate firm based in Nairobi, he is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs – especially the aspiring ones. He once said:  “People buy people. You cannot run a successful business without people. Get the right team, train it and take care of it. Share your vision with your team. This will assist you in building a successful business.”

Chris kirubi

 A business magnate and serial entrepreneur,   Chris Kirubi is considered one of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs. His piece of advice to entrepreneurs: “Set goals for your business, set goals for your personal life, set goals in all areas of your life. This will give you a successful business and a successful life.”


Vimal Shah, CEO, Bidco Africa: “Be a risk taker, be willing to put in extra hours to grow your business, and do not do it just for the money because financial success will not happen overnight.”

James Mworia, CEO, Centum Investment:  “Many people either have results or reasons; decide today the kind of person you want to be –  one who delivers results or always has reasons for not having results. With results, success is the next







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