Best 2018 KCSE candidates among 21 students to be airlifted to top American universities.

KenSAP Chairman- Board of Director, Charles Field Marsham (second left), with, Insta Products (EPZ) Ltd, CEO, Dhiren Chandaria, and KENSAP scholars, Juliet Otieno and Tevin Villa Singei.

Twenty-one students,  among them the  top 2018 KCSE candidate Juliet Otieno will be airlifted to some of  the best  North American universities in August 2020 for further studies by the Kenya Scholar Access Program (KenSAP). The students, drawn from across the 47 counties sat their exams last year and each managed an average score of 81 points which is a grade A plain.

“Since inception 14 years ago, the programme has helped 197 students to  gain  admission to elite universities in the United States for the last 15 years,” said Charles Field-Marsham, chairman, KenSAP board of directors during this year’s fundraising dinner in support of the programme. 

With only Ksh.15 million annual budget, KenSAP has generated more than Kshs.5 billion in financial aid packages since 2005, granted by the universities that its scholars attend. 


“We have not only prepared for the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) exams but have also been given an introduction into the Western culture through literature, film and intense discussions. We have learnt an analytical approach to what we watch, read and listen to,” said Tevin Villa, one of the twenty one students. 

According to Juliet Otieno, who topped the 2018 KCSE exams with an A plain of 87.66 points, though going to a foreign country might   be intimidating, with the KenSAP community already  established in the USA, she will be able to settle down with ease.

Speaking at the dinner, the programme’s executive director Alan Davidson said the funds have enabled at least fifteen to twenty deserving Kenyan students   to join top universities in the United States and Canada every year. Central to KenSAP is an emphasis on service and a continued commitment to the community. As Eve Rotich, a KenSAP alumnus currently working with one of the oil marketers in the country explained KenSAP not only seeks and obtains opportunities for  the students  to grow, it has also  become an organization that deeply nurtures its beneficiaries into being solution seekers for their respective communities  and the  country at  large.



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