Banking on Technology –it’s as Eazzy as Equitel

Equitel staff making a demonstration to a customer.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Going by the wisdom of this popular adage, apps are proving to be one of the greatest trends of the new millennial age. This is because they are considered user-friendly, practical and convenient to use.

Technology must also be accessible; reach as many people as possible, even those who cannot afford a mobile phone. Here Equity reigns supreme – keeping its promise as the bank of the people, for the people and by the people.

Why not? With your Equitel SIM card, your phone number is automatically linked to your bank account. Money sent to your number from any Equitel line or account automatically reflects as your new account balance.

Suppose you are on a work-related trip and your nanny calls to inform you that your electricity tokens or cooking gas has just run out. Considering your location, the nearest money transfer dealer could be far from reach yet the need for funds is urgent. At the touch of a button, you can pay for the KPLC tokens through Equitel or easily transfer money from your account to a recipient’s M-Pesa or Airtel Money line or another Equity Bank account.

Alternatively, you could also be building your dream home and the fundi requires materials to complete the day’s work. You then visit the branch, make a withdrawal and quickly dash across town to your preferred hardware store to purchase materials. Only to find that your hardware store of choice doubles up as an Equity Bank Agent. In this case, all you had to do was ask for the EazzyPay till number and pay for the goods at no extra cost.

YOUR BANK NEXT DOOR: Equity Bank customers being served by an agent.

The fact that one can move money through the phone is proof enough that mobile money has made transactions quick and convenient. From the comfort of your home or business, one can check their bank balance, purchase airtime and even access quick Eazzy loans from Kshs 100 up to Kshs 3 million. The loans are offered at competitive interest rates and have flexible repayment periods allowing you to pay this in instalments that are comfortable for you.

Banks continue to invest in technology and innovation changing consumer behaviour and perceptions in terms of saving, borrowing and sending money. These alternatives have seen the foot traffic in the brick and mortar branches reduce drastically with many customers increasingly taking up alternative banking options.

Equity was the first bank in Kenya to adopt agency banking because they understood the needs of the common mwananchi. According to Mary Wamae, who now oversees Equity’s regional branches, the agency model grew from the successful social cash transfers.  Through simple and effective technology, many lives have been transformed across several regions in Kenya including far-flung areas like Kakuma and Daadab.

You too can benefit from such convenience and effectiveness by simply getting yourself an Equitel line or by downloading the EazzyBanking App.



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