Amitruck launches new mobile app for transport industry


Amitruck, a Kenyan start-up shipping company has launched a mobile app.

The app’s name originates from the French word ‘ami’ meaning friend, Amitriuck uses mobile and cloud technology to provide a friendly, efficient and affordable way to the customer to deliver goods of all sizes across Kenya and neighbouring markets by accessing their fleet/network of trucks in the mobile app.


The mobile app connects pick-ups, truckers and shippers, thus streamlining working relationships between truck owners and their drivers through cloud technology.

“The mobile phone has played a significant role in shaping African technology due to its accessibility and high penetration rates in (the continent). It is giving start-ups an appropriate tool to create and deliver locally relevant solutions,” founder and CEO Mark Mwangi said.

Through the app, a customer can book a delivery, get price quotations include date and time of delivery.

The app gives customers an efficient transport platform while truck owners can get more business outside their routine networks.

Goods transported using the Amitruck app are insured up to Sh500,000 with the option to increase the cover for a premium.




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