The current global coronavirus pandemic has hit mankind where it hurts. Even the most powerful economies in the world are reeling from the unprecedented calamity that has defied science and threatens to unleash untold suffering across the world if not contained.

Locally, various businesses are staring at a future that is full of uncertainty and turbulence. The horticulture industry is on its deathbed after the closure of the export market, the hospitality industry is bleeding massive losses with neither local nor foreign tourists to serve, thousands of micro , small and medium enterprises have closed shop, strategic plans have lost relevance amidst the looming crisis, countless people have lost jobs yet they have pressing needs to meet … the list is endless. Suffice it to say that times are very hard.

As scientists work round the clock to develop a vaccine that will curb the spread of the stubborn virus,many families are literally locked in their houses in a bid to stay safe. In a country where millions of people depend on informal jobs, this has been no mean feat. Nevertheless, it is a sacrifice that must be made before a suitable medical solution is invented. We are all hopeful that this will happen soon.

All in all, even as we all wonder whether we shall ever overcome this nightmare, there is light at the end ofthe tunnel. From history, we learn that other equally deadly pandemics like smallpox, tuberculosis, plague and influenza (Spanish flu) were defeated at times when the world was not as scientifically advanced as it is today. During this anxious period, prudence and patience shall come in handy. Let’s say safe by washing our hands with running water and soap, wearing face masks , keeping distance from each another and avoiding leaving our homesteads (unless we must do so). Ultimately, this dragon shall be slain just like others before it.



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