Virtually every manager has grappled with the time-consuming, frustrating challenges that arise when team members don’t follow through on commitments. The enlightening message in author Eric Papp’s new book, Manage Promises Not People, might hold the answer. “Micromanagement is what happens when you manage the person instead of their promises,” Papp said. “When we honour our promises and ensure others do the same, we make things happen and feel more in control and confident.”

One of North America’s top management trainers, Papp has worked directly with thousands of managers and delivered over  three hundred and  fifty   professional training programmes to corporate and private clients. His mission is to help leaders uncover effective skills that can lead to more productive, harmonious and successful outcomes.

In his book :   Manage Promises Not People, Papp reminds readers of the importance of accountability, integrity and honouring one’s word through stories, examples and exercises that can help anyone become a more effective leader. The book explores  : the disappointing trend of diminishing promises, creating a culture of ownership, honouring your word ( and the impact of not doing so),  staying committed while overcoming perfectionism,  repairing broken promises  and coaching others to honour their word.

According to Scott Woitas, senior manager at Donaldson Company, Inc., the book:  “Is a must-read for anyone. As a whole, we have lost the fact that our word is our bond, and it reflects on our integrity, both in our professional and personal lives. Manage Promises Not People will get you back on track to be the person everyone knows they can rely on because you say what you’re going to do, and you do what you said you were going to do.”

About the author

Eric Papp has been evaluated as one of the top management trainers in North America for his expertise in leadership effectiveness. He earned his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and founded Agape leadership, LLC, an intellectual capital firm focusing on leadership and sales for business performance, with the sole purpose of guiding leaders and their teams to success.



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