George Ototo, Managing Director, KUSCCO :

“Saccos sustain lives and livelihoods of over 14 million people in Kenya who have used the funds to pursue education as well as educate their children, buy land and put up houses courtesy of sacco loans. The Member Growth Award is a true testament of the resilience of saccos.”

Dr. Mercy Mwangangi, Health Chief Administrative Secretary :

“Our alert system shows we are in control. Countries that have been overwhelmed, like Italy, cannot be compared to Kenya. We have an alert system that shows us where we need to focus should the situation escalate.”

Nizar Juma, Chairman, Jubilee Holdings Limited:

“We are proud that Jubilee Holdings has demonstrated its sound financial ground and stood by its shareholders and not lowered the dividend payout, despite the current difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic”

Dr. Jane Kiringai, Chairperson, Commission for Revenue Allocation :

“The Commission is mandated to make recommendations on the financing of and financial management by county governments. It does this by recommending prudent financial management practices in line with the Public Finance Management Act. The Commission has made recommendations containing recurrent costs for both the county assembly and the county executive through ceilings annually approved by the Senate and infrastructure expenditures related to housing of county officials and building of county offices.”



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