Life Is Not A Charmed Medallion That You Flip And Pap! You Get Everything


There is no such medallion.Well I have been reflecting of late about life but in the context of death. Death is feared by a lot of people mainly because of the uncertainty it bears. Once one dies the journey is over. No halftime, no refund… Gone with the wind.

So the bigger question is what do you do with your life when you are active and vibrant? We are all living on borrowed time so my recent self-reflection has made me think hard about the future.

Unfortunately, we are all living at a time when so many things are happening around us. Factors like technology and economy changes every minute. So the only way we can survive is if we step out of our comfort zone.

It is not enough to have a routine life with no side hustle or a comprehensive back up plan. It is easier to spend hours imagining a perfect life for yourself than it is to take a minute and plan your day’s activities.

I might be different but negative motivation works better than positive motivation. Which one gets your mind ticking to work? Is it the thought of living the dream life you want for yourself or is it the thought of you not having basic needs?

Whichever works for you…take it, embrace it and get to that grind. Wake up and smell the coffee. Lose that weight and take care of your body. Do not wait for the mean doctor to come calling.

You only live once as it is said. So make it count!




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