12 Things You Should Always Have In Your Handbag.



I’m a bag lady. My bag is my best friend. It comes with me everywhere and hold all my secrets. Okay, maybe not all my secrets, but if you dumped it i might be embarrassed as to what you find, but i digress. My handbag has tons of stuff in it. Some things like my purse and keys, are obvious. I have a motto”Be prepared ” i take this literally and shove everything i can into my handbag because i never want to be without something.

I don’t care if my bag is really heavy and has weighed down one side of my body to the point my shoulders are little off-balanced. Am the go to friend if anyone needs something because i have it in my handbag. Maybe its excessive but i call it good planning

Have picked some  absolute essentials for your purse/backpack/messenger bag. Whatever you use for transport staff.

1) Mirror


Get a small handheld one or use an old compact so you can check if you have something stuck in your teeth, a lash in your eye or you just want to primp.

2) Hand sanitizer


You never know when you need it,and you might not always be near a bathroom to wash  your hands. Keep those germs away

3) Bobby pins


Your bangs might get all up in your face or you might have an impromptu date to switch your hair style for bobby pins are always essential

4) Deodorant


Grab a travel sized one and  put it in your handbag. What if you take unexpected trip to the gym?

5) Sunglasses


I never go anywhere without sunglasses, even if its raining its a good way to avoid eye contact with strangers.

6) Period supplies


Do I even  need to explain this one? Always be ready for mother nature.

7) Hair ties


Wear one on your wrist and put some in your bag

8) Toothbrush, toothpaste


Maybe i am a freak about my teeth, but i always want the option to brush and floss. I have a little travel set just in case. You might have to spend the night somewhere and they might not have extra for you?

9) Gum


Great for after meals if you are not around a sink to use your toothbrush or need to freshen up quickly.

10) Headphones


If you love music like i do, you can’t go anywhere without this. You can plug up and ignore everyone around you or if you need to work on a public computer and want to listen to some music.

11) Lotion


I actually have an assortment of lotion, hand, face and body.

12) Pens


It’s always the worst feeling when you really need a pen and can not find one. Throw a few in there so you always have one handy



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