More Than A Thousand Words



Joyce Muchemi, director – Institute of Security Studies, Justice and Ethics:

“Conflicts have without doubt derailed our development efforts and in some instances totally destroyed the significant gains we have made as a nation. Indeed, instability and violence have a direct impact not only on economic development but also the social wellbeing of a people”.



Farhanna Hassanali, Hass Consult CEO:

“Gone are the days of, ‘I have a gut feeling’ to do a certain thing. Now it’s more competitive, it’s changing, there are so many more players and therefore your decision making must be a lot more scientific.”



Charles Opanga, senior project officer, KMAP (Kenya Market led Aquaculture Programme) :

“ Kenya can feed itself. We are endowed with natural resources which when utilized sustainably will enable us achieve food security, even surplus to generate income. All what is needed is investing in information, quality inputs and best practices.”



Dr Vincent Gaitho, Vice Chairman, Mount Kenya University Council:

“Institutions of higher education have a relevance in the society. They should serve as agents of solutions to socio-economic problems.”